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Second hand baby clothes available in London Verified non-profit organisation


A donor has several sets of baby clothes for both girls and boys. The clothes are second hand but in a good state.

Pre-school Furniture and educational equipment available near Leeds (England) Verified non-profit organisation


An organisation would like to donate pre-school equipment books and different items of furniture such as tables and chairs. All the items should be collected from Dewsbury Yorkshire.

Second hand white short wellies in the UK Verified non-profit organisation


We would like to donate white short wellies in the UK. The organisation will need to collect the offer from the various places in the UK. The number will be confirmed by collection.

ONGOING OFFER: Refurbished hospital beds and mattresses - for a cost


We refurbish used hospital bed (electric and hydraulic/manual) and they are available to humanitarian projects for a cost per item plus a loading cost. Consignee must also pay customs duties and transport costs. This is not a one- off offer. It is ongoing.

ONGOING OFFER: Provision of 30 LItre Rotary Barrels for easier collection of potable water by women and children.


To work with partners including NGOs, agencies, voluntary groups, charities etc,. to provide 30 litre Rotary Barrels to replace the dirty unhealthy containers, buckets, jerry cans etc currently used by women and children to collect non potable water. The majority collect over long distances (up to...