International Telecommunication Union ( ITC)

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Virtually every facet of modern life – in business, culture or entertainment, at work and at home – depends on information and communication technologies. ITU is at the very heart of the ICT sector, brokering agreement on technologies, services, and allocation of global resources like radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbital positions, to create a seamless global communications system that’s robust, reliable, and constantly evolving.

TU has been given the mandate to measure Target 8F, (of Goal 8 of the MDGs): ‘In cooperation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications’. ITU is monitoring 3 indicators:
- 8.14: fixed telephone lines per 100 inhabitants,
- 8.15: mobile cellular subscriptions per 100 inhabitants,
- 8.16: Internet users per 100 inhabitants.


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