The Glass Power Campaign improves earthquake safety

In earthquake prone areas, broken glass window panes can cause serious damage and render evacuation shelters unusable. The Asahi Glass Company has developed laminated glass, a product which stays in the windowpanes when broken. The Glass Power Campaign was then developed to educate the community about laminated glass.

In some cities the glass has been used in public buildings designated as evacuation shelters and donations of laminated glass have been made to schools. The success of the programme has been covered in many newspapers, TV and other media. At the end of 2010, donations of laminated glass had been made to 23 places since the project’s beginning in October 2005. In fiscal 2011, due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, donations were made to nine facilities in the prefectures of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima. Construction was performed in stages beginning in September, and by February 2012, donations to all the facilities had been completed.

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