Coffeelands assists associate coffee growers who have been affected by landmines

Coffeelands has set up a Landmine Victims Trust in partnership with the Polus Centre for Social and Economic Development to help landmine victims and those who in any way have been impacted by landmines.

The funds addresses economic development and rehabilitation initiatives as a mean of giving back to coffee farmers and workers who are victims of landmines – of reciprocating and offering thanks for the part they play in the production of Coffeelands products.
The Coffeelands Landmine Victims’ Trust, through the generosity of several major coffee corporations and assistance from both non-governmental and governmental organizations, has already begun working with communities in Central America and Colombia. It began to work in these particular coffee areas because the Trust already had working partnerships with several organizations there, and could quickly and efficiently implement funding. The Trust is currently working to create similar partnerships in Southeast Asia and Africa.

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Advocacy of global issues; Project funding

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Africa: Angola; Ethiopia; Uganda Americas: Colombia; Guatemala; Honduras; Nicaragua; Peru Asia: Lao People's Democratic Republic; Vietnam

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