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verified non-profit organisations

Setting up diagnostic health camps in rural India


We want to provide health care facilities for the nomadic population living in rural areas in India, where there is little or no health infrastructure. The major need is for regular diagnostic health camps to be held for rural people with the ability to follow up cases from time to time. Such...

Construction of orphanage dormitory and bathrooms, India


We have a small orphanage ASHIRVAD meaning "blessing" with 75 children aged from 3 to 18 years and we have already constructed a building in which there is provision for the girls to stay but we need help to construct a shelter for the boys so that they can have a safe and permanent shelter. We...

Home for blind young women to empower and enable self sufficiency in Chennai, India.


India holds the largest blind population – 15 million totally blind and 28 million visually impaired. The female population is higher. A major percentage of blind women stay in the darkened corners of their own homes doing nothing. Or they are sent to mercy Homes for blind women for life. They face...

Tailoring Training for Dropout Adolescent Girls in Tamilnadu, India


Established in 1993, Literates Welfare Association (LAW)is a non-profit, non-government registered voluntary organization working for the development of women, disabled person, adolescent, children and farmers in our working area kadamalaikundu-mayiladumparai block, Theni District, Tamilnadu,...

Funding Needed for Biogas Plants in India


Fund request to partner with a NGO that can assist in the construction of a centralized Biogas plant in Anandwan, Maharashtra (India). Anandwan is a small village in South India that was first started as a rehab area for leprosy patients, but has expanded into a village surrounded by satellite...

Fund Raising for Hospital Ship in the Philippines Verified non-profit organisation


Natural disasters are a constant threat. The most affected continent is Asia with 8 of the top 10 countries with the highest number of disaster related deaths. By 2015, an average of over 374 million people per year are likely to be affected, 50% more than the average number of people affected...

Help to build health clinic in Malaysia


We run a care home for the sick including 70 children, homeless people, orphans and people with disabilities. Medical bills for all these people amount almost to the cost of building a private clinic. We also spend a great deal on ensuring that everyone is fed on a daily basis. We really need...

Laptops needed for farming project in Andhra Pradesh India


Small and marginal cotton farmers who are vulnerable to suicides are our targeted beneficiaries. About 18000 distressed cotton farmers committed suicide between 2002 and 2006. Failure of monsoons, extremely fluctuating market prices, high input costs and exploitation of the farmers by middlemen etc...

Funds needed to support Orphan Care Centre in Faisalabad, Pakistan


We are trying to help orphan children from rural areas of Faisalabad, Pakistan. They are currently living in the Orphan Care Centre which is managed by Serve The Nation (STN), a non-governmental organization based in Faisalabad. The major issue is that the children who are living in the Orphan...

Establish school libraries for underprivileged children in India


Our project, named Akshar, aims to help under privileged students in rural areas and slums who are studying in government schools. According to current estimates 80% of schools in India are government schools, making the government the major provider of education. However because of the poor...