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verified non-profit organisations

Free Education for Students from Poor Families in Sri Lanka


Crescent Foundation Sri Lanka is a charitable organization formed purely with the intention of helping the Crescent School, a Muslim school providing education within the Islamic standards from LKG to grade 11, for over 1400 male and female students. Said students are all from a low income...

Sustainable Economic Growth for Muslim Minorities in the Mewat Region, India


We are trying to help the following oppressed, exploited and downtrodden people living in Mewat one of the most economically backward regions of Haryana, INDIA: The Mewat region is a region of Haryana state in India and located at southern edge of Haryana, situated in the National Capital Region...

Appeal for Flood Relief in Rajanpur, Pakistan


Prime Welfare Foundation aims to provide relief for families after the flood in Rajanpur, Pakistan. Water of monsoon rains reached Rajanpur, Pakistan through six hill torrents, out of which “Kaha Sultan” and “Chachar” caused most of the damage due to an abnormal surge in water level. In fact,...

Computer Education Center for Poor Children in Faisalabad, Pakistan


DONA ORGANIZATION is a registered NGO in Faisalabad, Pakistan who works for the empowerment and education of poor children, women and young girls of the society. We want to help poor children from the populated and backward areas of Faisalabad who do not have a computer education/ knowledge....

Lighten a Life projects in India


As the name suggest, we believe in keeping our efforts simple yet effective. Helping people in need is indeed a kind gesture. A heart filled with love for the suffering is what it takes; and here, we are dedicated to aid people who are struggling with life-threatening, debilitating or chronic...

Support an orphanage in India


Our organisation is a small voluntary charitable trust in India, established by young people who wanted to promote the development of rural poor people. We understand human suffering and we to help people to develop a better life. We are involved in the area of child development, looking after...

Help disabled adolescent girls in Pakistan to improve their ability to study


The Society for Disabled Women has conducted a research study on adolescent girls who go to school. These girls between 10-19 come from poor and disadvantaged families and are studying in government and private schools in poor and marginalized communities. The report shows that the drop out rate is...

Vocational training for rural women in Pakistan


We run a vocational centre in a rural area of the Chung district, Lahore. The centre works for the benefit of poor rural women and girls. 150 rural women and girls are currently being trained. We would like to extend the provision at the centre, and help more women in the area. We need help to...

Build school for 500 poor children in Pakistan


Find the Lost Ministries (FLM) is a non-denominational, indigenous ministry operating in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In addition to our faith-based activities, we aim to help educate the poor and orphan children in Pakistan who do not have the means to access education. Currently,...

Help to finish library in Bangladesh


We are aiming to set up a modern library in a village in Bangladesh. This will help students, young people and villagers. There is a lack of books in our village, which helps to fuel the school drop out rate. Name of the project: Masud Parves Library. The library intends to appoint a...