Bhutan Humanitarian Customs Regulations

This document was submitted in response to a questionnaire distributed by Global Hand regarding humanitarian customs information. It provides regulations for importing humanitarian aid into Bhutan.

Required Documents

  • bill of lading/airway bil l
  • commercialoice
  • packing lis
  • certificate of origin
  • marine/air/transit insurance policy
  • certificate of gift
  • if transporting goods by land into Bhutan from India, a sealed copy of Bill of Entry must be received from Indian Customs. No foreign goods shall be imported into Bhutan except under the authority of a license issued by the Ministry of Finance, Royal Government of Bhutan.

Prohibited Goods

The following goods are prohibited entry into Bhutan as humanitarian aid: Firearms, ammunitions and explosives, narcotic and psychotropic drugs, and chemicals specified under Annexure E ( ) and wildlife.

Tax Exemption

Customs duty exemption can be granted by the Ministry of Finance. If it is satisfied that it is necessary in the interest of the public to do so, it will then be issued an import duty exemption certificate.

Monetary Valuation

The same regulations apply to both commercial and humanitarian shipments. These regulations are explained at:

Other Info

More further information, see the website below, or contact the Ministry of Trade and Industry.


Bhutan Customs Rules and Regulations


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