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Construction of a hospital in Guanaja, Honduras


We are seeking for some help or guidance to build a hospital in Guanaja, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras. At present, there is no hospital on the island, and the closest hospital is in La Ceiba, a port city in the northern coast. There is a health center on the island but they can only do...

Eight new classrooms for disadvantaged children in Zambia


The issue we are resolving is providing education for the vulnerable children for their better future. We are a registered community-based organization in Zambia providing 1) education to disadvantaged children and 2) training in tailoring to widows and disadvantaged women. Our organization...

Children with Autism and Other Mental Disabilities in Eastern Europe


Presently and on a global scale, autism affects 1 in every 70 boys and 1 in every 110 girls, with incidence rates increasing annually. The shrinking budgets at the state and local level have meant that many families have lost access to services as programs that previously operated at low cost or on...

Healthcare project in Haiti


Global Vision Over Haiti Today (Vision Globale Sur Haiti D'aujourd'hui ) is a non-profit humanitarian organization founded on April 15, 2006 which gave itself the mission to help the poor and quake victims, in particular the vulnerable people of Morne-A-Bruler, Haiti. The issue is that...

Sea Turtle Conservation/Research Projects in Central America


As a British-based non-profit NGO, Littlefeet Environmental is looking to conserve various sea turtle populations including Loggerhead, Green and Hawksbill sea turtles in the Banco Chinchorro Biosphere Reserve in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Our initiative is to work with locals and receive contributions...

Diesel- fired generators needed for conservation project in India and Nepal


Ahimsa International is an NGO that aims to generate sustainable solutions in the areas of health, social rehabilitation and environmental preservation. As an altruistic "think tank", Ahimsa International has presented strategies and programmes which have been used in whole or in part by...

Sewing machines and transport needed for women's project in Port-au-Prince, Haiti


I am trying to help a small project of 35 women and their dependent families who are living in a tent city in Port-au-Prince Haiti after the earthquake two years ago. These women are learning skills in order to set up their own small businesses and so earn enough to send their children to school....

Classroom-to-Classroom Assistance for Sierra Leone


The issue being addressed here is village sustainability. We aim to rebuild villages in Sierra Leone through building homes, digging wells and creating sustainable energy, hoping to improve the lives of citizens, giving them the opportunity to flourish. We also hope to create a mutually beneficial...

Funding to Maintain Special Needs Camp for Children, US


Two issues we are trying to address, 1.) Children living with spina bifida don’t have the same opportunities to do physical activities in life that other children get to experience because of their special needs. They are required to use mechanical devises to move from one place to another and...

Vegetable seed for agricultural project in Haiti


We are a Canadian non-profit organization, operating in the Haitian area. We are looking for a supply of vegetable seeds for our G5 program participants. We have an excellent organic based curriculum, having proven itself in South Africa. In the progress of adapting it to Haiti, we have...