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verified non-profit organisations

American charity helping women, children and young people in rural Uganda


We focus on empowering AIDS orphans, kids in child-headed families, underprivileged youth, and women in rural communities. We strive to provide opportunities for education and sustainable development so they can become self-reliant. We believe that education is the best way to effect long-term...

Save Lives of Jewish Cancer Patients


For many cancer patients, the sole chance of survival is a bone marrow transplant. To ensure success, donor and recipient must gentically match. The Jewish people, like all ethnic grups, tend to match other Jews. A Jewish reigistry, therefore, is vitally important. Prior to the founding of Ezer...

Funding for Patriot 2 Patriot Program for Students in the US


At George Mason University there are several homeless students that are living in different parts of campus. I have created a program that would help these students with food insecurities have equal access to meals as everyone else in the Mason community has. The official proposal of this...

Help to build a town for girl victims of sexual abuse in Bolivia Verified non-profit organisation


We want to help girls in Bolivia who are victims of sexual abuse by providing a safe environment for them, a place where they will receive the support necessary for their development and rehabilitation. This is part of our overall objective of trying to eradicate all forms of sexual violence...

Provide supplies for Romanian orphanage and feeding centres


We have set up Feeding Centres is some of the poorest and most remote villages in Romania at the invitation of local authorities who have no other safety net to offer. There are currently 19 of these feeding centres in Romania which we have set up and continue to supply from our warehouse in...

Empower women through art and recycling in Ecuador


We work in one of the poorest areas in Quito, home to many indigenous people who are outside any governmental social programmes. We offer support, outreach, and technical assistance to women from these communities for whom education is often seen as a waste of time. We help the women through job...

Biosand water filters for families in Haiti


According to the World Health Organization, Haiti is the most water impoverished nation in the world. It is also one of the world's poorest nations in real terms. Water related illness is the the most prevalent type of illness in Haiti and predominantly affects Haiti's children who have not yet had...

Volunteers for organisation working for mentally challenged adults in New York


Our organisation is an NGO based in New York. We assist mentally challenged adults, aiming to help them integrate into the community and to retain their dignity. We aim to provide services that will help each individual reach his or her maximum potential Setting up a day centre with tailored...

In-kind donations for needy in the USA


Our organization serves homeless, disabled people, low-income citizen living in the Washington D.C Area. Which includes the sate of Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia. We also serve and support international organizations through emergency food assistance programs and other ways. We...

Partnership to share camp / outdoor centre in Canada


The Kinark Outdoor Centre is a year round facility supporting the recreation and education needs of clients with our parent agency, Kinark Child and Family Services, as well as those of over 100 other community organizations, schools, social service agencies and faith communities. We require...