In partnership with Hope worldwide, Walmart brings opportunity to local communities in India and Kenya

Factory workers and their families in Kenya and India are getting help improving their lives through Walmart’s partnership with global non-profit Hope Worldwide.

In October 2007, HOPE worldwide Kenya (HWWK) obtained a three- year funding from Walmart Foundation to implement the Industrial Centers of HOPE (ICOH) program. The overriding goal of the program was to improve the welfare of factory workers especially in Wal-Mart supplying factories, and also uplift the standard of living for the workers dependants. Together, the partners, Wal-Mart, HOPE worldwide Kenya, and the factories have been contributing to the attainment of the global millennium development. The program has been implemented in four sites: Nairobi, Mombasa, Kitengela and Thika. HIV/AIDS and wellness programs were initiated in 16 factories (4 in each of the sites). Centers of HOPE facilitate community outreach activities, vocational and entrepreneurial skills training and educational support for children.

In India, the grant was awarded in 2007 to set up “Industrial Centers of Hope” in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Panipat and Moradabad. Each center is located close to an industrial agglomeration, where factories are located, so that factory workers, their families and the local community can benefit. The centers feature a school for younger children and a vocational training/education center for adults. HOPE foundation works with Walmart to transform real people’s lives in the slums of India’s cities. Walmart has chosen the centers so that they are close to industrial clusters, where it procures most of its supply. They hope to provide primary education for 1,000 children and train three thousand young adults in professional short-term courses. The goal is to educate and train at least 1,000 children and 1,000 young people per year, with the vast majority of these people coming from the factory workers’ families.

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