Starbucks Joins the Conservation International Movement

Since 1998, Starbucks has partnered with Conservation International (CI), a nonprofit organisation, to promote coffee production practices that conserve biodiversity, maintain healthy ecosystems and support economic and social development in coffee production landscapes.

CI and Starbucks joined forces to develop buying guidelines that address Starbucks principles for ethical sourcing. C.A.F.E. Practices guidelines help farmers grow coffee in a way that’s better for both people and the planet. Through ongoing monitoring and evaluation of joint initiatives with Starbucks, CI can measure program performance, identify new challenges and opportunities, and determine how best to expand support for global coffee growing communities.

Starbucks also is a key supporter of CI’s Verde Ventures fund, which provides loans to businesses that can play a critical role in conserving biodiversity, such as coffee farms with sustainable growing practices.

The newest phase of CI and Starbuck’s partnership supports coffee farmers in mitigating the impacts of climate change. Through forest conservation and habitat restoration efforts, CI is helping coffee communities to gain access to emerging forest carbon markets.

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