Coca-Cola joins the fight against HIV/AIDS

Coca-Cola has developed a range of awareness raising initiatives for HIV/AIDS. Working with a range of NGO partners, its programs have reached at risk people in 11 countries.

In Africa, The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation has pledged $2.5 million over a three-year period to further develop HIV/AIDS community programs, sponsoring high-impact community-focused programs. For example, one such program, “Dance4Life”, attracts young people through the use of dance, music, youth icons and their own language, encouraging youths to learn more about HIV/AIDS and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Youth participate in school program (Schools4Life) and are inspired to become “Agents of Change” by making a real contribution toward the fight against HIV/AIDS.

In China, there is a program to distribute 100,000 sets of playing cards with AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria prevention information to migrant workers in provinces where the incidence of disease is high.

In Haiti, The Coca-Cola Foundation has provided a $158,000 grant to Counterpart International, a local NGO, to implement a Youth AIDS Awareness Project in inner-city Port-au-Prince. The project is designed to reduce HIV/AIDS transmission among 15- to 24-year-olds, by creating 10 peer-led school awareness clubs and promoting HIV/AIDS prevention through life skills training and “edutainment” — the intersection of education and entertainment. More than 50,000 youths will be reached by HIV/AIDS prevention activities and messages through this program.

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