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Inclusive Business Solutions: Expanding Opportunity and Access at the Base of the Pyramid

IFC’s new report, Inclusive Business Solutions: "Expanding Opportunity and Access at the Base of the Pyramid" outlines IFC's business solutions that are designed to facilitate new opportunities for innovation, growth and competitiveness at the base of the pyramid (BoP).

The MDGs: Everyone’s Business

The MDGs: Everyone’s Business is a new report from UNDP’s Growing Inclusive Markets (GIM) Initiative covering 40 case studies and over 140 supporting institutions referenced by specific MDGs, released on 21 September 2010 in the framework of the United Nations Summit on the Millennium Development...

Accelerating Progress Towards the Millennium Development Goals Through Inclusive Business Delivering Results: Moving Towards Scale

Report on an inclusive business dialogue held 21 September 2010 during the UN summit on the millennium development goals.

Creating Value for All: Strategies for Doing Business with the Poor - a UNDP report

Creating Value for All: Strategies for Doing Business with the Poor is the new and groundbreaking report launched on 1 July by the UN Development Programme.

UNICEF - Kenya page

This United Nations organisation provides the latest statistical data on Kenya, giving indicators of the current poverty situation in the country. Statistics are given under topics such as education, nutrition, mortality, water and sanitation. All the data comes from the appropriate United Nations...

Virtual library on international development - Kenya page

A collection of links to international development resources for Kenya on the internet, including lists of NGOs, government organisations, development statistics, and related documents.

Kenya information

A development information website, with a country profile on Kenya. Has sections on poverty, trade, economics, aid and food security, which provide links to relevant pages. Also includes a map section, and a list of government bodies.

World Factbook 2011 - Kenya page

The World Factbook 2011, published by the US government, gives extensive information on Kenya. It lists facts such as the population, ethnic groups, and literacy rates, as well as providing detailed political, geographical and economic data. In addition it outlines the transportation and...

World Travel Guide - Kenya page

An impressive, well structured country-by-country travel guide, with an entry for every nation in the world. The Kenya page has an overview of the country as well as detailed information on accommodation, climate, currency, obtaining visas, internal and international travel, international dialling...

Draft Two SFTMS (Sustainable Fair Trade Management System) Standard

SFTMS is the new worldwide standard for the independent certification of organisations which demonstrate Fair Trade business practices. The requirements of this standard are applicable to any organisation applying Fair Trade principles in all its business processes regardless of the nature of...

The Impact of the second-hand clothing trade on developing countries

Supporters of the second-hand clothing (SHC) industry point out that the trade creates employment in the receiving countries (transporting, cleaning, repairing, restyling, etc.). It also provides low-cost clothing for people living in poverty. There are concerns that the trade may be undermining...

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is an international development federation which provides skilled volunteers to advise and train local individuals within developing countries.

UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) - TRAINS (TRade Analysis and INformation System) - Kenya page

The TRAINS country notes summarise the trade control measures, tariffs and other import regulations.

Magic Bank Case Studies A-Z Index

The MAGIC website is UNICEF's (United Nations Children's Fund) response to the Oslo Challenge of 1999, which called on media professionals, educators, governments, organisations, parents, children and young people themselves to recognise the enormous potential of media to make the world a better...