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verified non-profit organisations

Financial and material support for community empowerment programme in Kenya


The project target group consist of very poor people coming from the slums of the Mathare community, Kenya. The post election violence affected the communities; therefore the project is especially focused on restoring hope in the community. The services provided by the project are in line with the...

Rural Communities in Environmental Conservation for Better Livelihood Project, Uganda


This project is called Environmental Conservation for Better Livelihood Project and is concerned with building the capacity of young people using better environmental management practices for a sustainable social economic development. Continued environmental degradation in Uganda has remained a big...

Peace through music, dance and drama, Uganda


MAIO Cultural Troupe promotes inclusive unity and peace. Through music, dance drama and working together as brothers and sisters, even though the participants come from different tribes and religions. MAIO is an abbreviation of “Mama Africa International Organization.” We are very much aware of...

Micro credit support oppportunities in Uganda


Peace & Community Development Initiative (PCDI) works with 80 adults, 75% of which are women. PCDI works with vulnerable people who both expressly show need for robust training and provision of micro-credit services. PCDI is a registered community based organization, with the vision of a peaceful,...

Agroforestry, an environmental sustainability initiative, Kenya


The East Africa Business Summit (2003) identified massive deforestation as one of the most critical environmental crises facing all East African countries. For instance, Kenya’s forest cover declined from 30% of land area in the 1960s to less than 2% at present. Many factors have contributed to...

Medical lab equipment needed for villages in Ghana


Lots of people die in the rural areas in Ghana as a result of not having access to basic health care, often not even being able to afford travelling to a nearby city. They also do not have access to medical lab tests, to check for example malaria or HIV. We believe that establishing small...

Support war victims and orphans in Northern Uganda


We are trying to help orphans, needy children, disabled, elderly and teen-age mothers. We seek to provide sustainable solution to community needs, complementing our long-term work with individuals in areas recovering from long term war, and the resulting felt wounds. Problems include weakened,...

Medical Assistance for Sixty Survivors of Sexual Violence, Congo


We are seeking support for 60 survivors of sexual violence for our project of psycho social assistance. We are providing counselling services and referral to health practitioners; still they need payment fees for services offered. As you may know, in the DRC as in other countries of the world where...

Empowering thirty teenagers mothers, Congo


Teenage mothers are very disadvantaged economically because they have to raise their children themselves. Otherwise, they do not any resource to sustain their livelihood. Mostly, they require assistance from their parents (since most of them are living with their parents at home.) For sake of...

Improving water supply and quality, Uganda


This project is focused on the provision of a reliable and regular water supply and to overall improve the quality of life of the community by providing safe and clean water. This project will especially focus on helping alleviating the suffering of severely vulnerable women and will relieve them...