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Fight female circumcision in Mali


The project is to bring women of the rural town of Dialakoroba in Kati to understand the harm and consequences of female circumcision in the medium and long term through a series of meetings with information and education. The project will be based on a dynamic partnership approach and focus on...

Increased representation of women in policy-making bodies in Bamako District, Mali


This project is part of a greater awareness program for women to have greater representation in decision-making bodies, in two municipalities in the district of Bamako, Mali. In the last parliamentary and municipal elections, there was a low representation of women in political decision-making...

Scholarship Fund for Poor Children, Kenya


The project is targeting orphans and vulnerable children from poor families in the slums and rural areas in Kenya. The aim is to offer poor children a basic foundation for his/her career in life to follow and succeed through education. The project will provide opportunities to children who seek to...

Women’s health and education for children in Niger


We are trying to help children who did not have opportunity to go to school, especially the Muslim children who have not been part of the formal education system. If these children do not get education, they will remain poor for the rest of their lives. Our organisation also works for improving...

Improving and diversifying water supply, Kenya


We are trying to facilitate provision of water to the schools in the area. The project is also directed at HIV/AIDS victims, and low income peasants/fishermen around Lake Victoria in Kenya. These communities rely on water from the river for their daily use, scanty piped waters or they have to...

Marginalised community in North Kenya


We are supporting orphans and people living with HIV/AIDS in the marginalised community in the northern part of Kenya. These are people who live below 1$ per day and only survive by herding the small livestock that has remained after the drought that swept most of their livestock. It is a young...

Give education to orphans in Uganda


Kanungu Orphans Good Hope-Uganda, is a community based orphans care project, that is aiming at helping orphans get a hopeful future, hence transforming Kanungu community from absolute poverty seed bed, to a qualitative developing community. In Uganda, most orphaned children are a result of the...

Support Mbororo orphans to go to school, Cameroon


The orphans and vulnerable children are increasing in numbers in our communities. We are familiar with what it means to be an orphan or a vulnerable child. How friends and families are torn apart and how through death, stigma and discrimination the social fabric of communities are destroyed. ...

Community development to help the most needy in Uganda


We initially started with a goal of addressing the marginalization of persons with disabilities but we later realized the need to expand our service provision to: - Orphans - Children under difficult circumstances - The youth - Poor men and women We have a number of projects through which...

Child development project, Uganda


Revival mission of Uganda – Child Development Project Rukungiri CDC is a child Development Project owned by the Revival Mission Church – in Partnership with Compassion International Uganda. It is situated in Eastern Division of Rukungiri Municipality. It has 264 registered children with 5-18...