Life 4 Water Incorporated

(Unverified non-profit organisation)

Life 4 Water Inc. is an NGO located in the Philippines. The organisation aims to enable communities develop, manage and nurture water resources because water is essential in community development. Life 4 Water designs, manufactures and installs hydraulic ram pumps that don’t use electricity or fuel to lift water to an elevation higher than its source. The pumps are efficient and easy to operate, and maintenance is low. The pumps are most suitable for rural or upland areas where the water source is steady throughout the year.


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Less than 500,000

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Gender and Water Alliance (GWA)

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Advocacy of global issues; Doing business with the poor; Project funding; Provision all (4)

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Asia: Philippines

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Agriculture, aquaculture and forestry; Community development; Job creation all (4)

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Agriculture, aquaculture & forestry; Environmental; Industrial

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