Arulchandru Special School for the Mentally Retarded

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Arulchandru Special School for the Mentally Retarded is one of the outreach programs of Arulchandru Nilayam. The school was established at Perumalkovil, which was 12 kms from Paramakudi. This is the only school of this kind in the region and it admits mentally challenged children from the district of Ramnad and the neighboring district of Sivagangai suffering from the followings :
• Mentally retarded
• Cerebral palsy
• Down syndrome
• Cretinism
• Micro cephalic and hydro cephalic
At present there are 54 children in the Special School served by 5 teaching and 4 supporting staff. The children are brought by van in the morning and sent home in the evening. They are given lunch and refreshment in the evening.
Children are given education, training in Activities of Daily Living (ADL), medical and physiotherapy care, food and other basic facilities.
The program is supported by donor agencies, Angelo Province – Brothers of the Sacred Heart, well wishers, philanthropic organisation such as Rotary club , lions club etc. parents and lay evangelizers.


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