LifeSpring Hospitals Private Limited (LHPL)

(For-profit organisation)

LifeSpring Hospitals Private Ltd. is an expanding chain of maternity hospitals that provides high quality health care to lower-income women and children in India.

Through its market-based approach, LifeSpring fills the void of high quality maternal and child health care at affordable rates for India’s low-income population.

LifeSpring’s Mission is:“To be the leading health care provider delivering high quality, affordable core maternal health care to low-income mothers across India.”

LifeSpring’s prices are between 30-50% of prevailing market rates. Through its affordable services, LifeSpring will significantly reduce the burden of rising health costs on the nation’s low-income communities, helping to reduce poverty.


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Nike Foundation; Nice; The Rockefeller Foundation; Adayana; Global Rickshaw; Salesforce; Tvarana; Inductis.

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