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Rural Care Ministries


Rural Care Ministries is a registered not for profit organization in India. The ministries is conducting education, health (HIV) and environmental care, women empowerment and community development programmes in Guntur district rural areas in India.

Jelinamwanacome orphanage and All sports Academy / Mother Kareso Home Foundation


Jelinamwanacome orphanage and all sports Academy / Mother Kareso Home Foundation was founded in 2013 and duly registered in 2015 under the registrar of societies Zambia. The Home is based in Lusaka Zambia Bauleni area Mwazabamba and Chelstone Palmdrive. They work with the orphans, vulnerable,...

Pro-EX-Co Learning Academy


Pro-Ex-Co Learning Academy is a non profit Organisation established on the 02 February 2018. The organisation is located at Rikhotso village in ward 04 of Greater Tzaneen Municipality in Mopani District Limpopo Province. Even though the village is one of the biggest in population size has only one...

Kobunde youth group


Kobunde is a community based organization with 100 registered youths. The mission is improving the quality of lives of vulnerable children within the society and empower both the youths and women both socially and economically. The group does mentorship and health talks to both the youth and school...

Toto Centre Initiative


Toto Centre Initiative (TCI) is a registered Child Centered Community Based Organization (CBO) in Lamu County, Kenya. The organization was founded in January 2019 and officially registered as a CBO by the Department of Social Development in Lamu. Toto's primary mission as a CBO is to work...

Centre for Promotion of Equal Rights


The Centre for Promotion of Equal Rights is an Indian NGO that works to empower the most exploited and oppressed people especially in Tamil Nadu, particularly the Dalits and Dalit Christians. The organisation focuses on child rights, women's rights, human rights, entrepreneurship training and the...

Green Future Dream Initiative


Green Future Dream Initiative is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose primary aim is to join and contribute the government effort to help and expand the community development capabilities and to empower communities to address public health priorities and to access quality health...

Bait-ul-Maal Punjab


The system of Bait-ul-Maal serves the following objectives : Financial assistance to the destitute, widows, orphans, invalids, infirm and other needy persons with emphasis on rehabilitation, educational assistance to needy orphan and stipends for the outstanding, non-affording students for...



COFTI is a community Based membership organisation going in 2018 to address the environment effects caused by defforestation and cutting of trees for other human activities such as farming. The organisation is registered and operates in Kyotera district. The organisation thrives to empower the...

Community Welfare Focus (CWF)


Community Welfare Focus is a community based organisation operating in Lwengo district Central Uganda. The organization envisions a healthy, happy and prosperous community members who are fully engaged in nature conservation. The mission is to empower/ facilitate community members to enable them...