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Molo Constituency Forest Association


The continuing growth and the attendant rapid physical expansions increase the pressure on both rural and urban resources. The so called rural crisis is a composite syndrome of resource taping poor planning and overall County Economic Problems. These problems have manifested in inadequate...

Youth Initiatives for Empowerment to live in Dignity (YIELD)


Youth Initiatives for Empowerment to live in Dignity (YIELD) is a non-profit making, non-partisan and non-religious, non-discriminating community-based organization. YIELD was established in October 2018. YIELD’s interventions target vulnerable children and youth (Inclusive of those with...

Mtotomwema Kindergaten Foundation


Mtotomwema Kindergarten Foundation is a trusted early childhood education provider whose mission is to support the emotional, social, physical and intellectual development of infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers around Peramiho Songea and beyond, to help them reach their full learning potential in a...

Alliance of Slum Media Organisations


Established in 2016, Alliance of Slum Media Organisations is an alliance of media organisations working with children, youth and their communities, providing opportunities to nurture talent in arts and media, create jobs, and communicate key messages critical to societal change. The media...

Elimu Yetu Development Organization


Elimu Yetu cooperates to provide free education for children, youth, and adults. The mission is to help everyone develop their talents, such as confidence, hope, and strength, to further their own goals, so they can become leaders for their community and overcome the challenges of the future.

Sikhokhochole Community Based Organisation


This is a community based organization that is led by a lecturer of Public Health at one of the local universities. The organization endeavours to help the community in promotion of health, help the orphaned and vulnerable children, help unemployed youth start business activities, help widows and...

AgriHope International, Uganda


AgriHope International Uganda is a non profit humanitarian and development organization dedicated to fighting ill Health, poverty, human rights amongst others of disadvantaged and most vulnerable community. AgriHope International is registered by the ministry of internal affairs in Kampala after...

Green Beacon Community Foundation (GBCF)


Green Beacon Community Foundation is a Tanzanian NGO with registration number 00010036. The organization was given registration in 2018, and started working actively in 2020. They have head office in Dar es Salaam, and other office in Musoma for Lake Victoria and Western Zones. Though GBCF is...

Green Solutions


Green Solutions seeks to solve the problem of unemployment of young people in the region as well as establishment of a large room for raising of high quality seedlings for both tree and fruit species in order to ensure a green environment in the region and the world at large. The objective is...

Nyamwamba West Women Group for Sustainable Development


Nyamwamba West Women Group for Sustainable Development was started in 2020 by women activists that came together for a louder voice to fight poverty and it's related issues in the families so as to improve on the household income through creation of income generating activities including tree...