Hong Kong Bank Foundation supports dyslexic students

The Hongkong Bank Foundation supports the renovation of a learning and development centre for dyslexic students with a sizeable donation of HK$3.7 million, providing Hong Kong with the first one-stop service meeting the needs of some 1,000 dyslexic students and their parents in the community every year.

This new centre – The Society of Boys’ Centres Hongkong Bank Foundation Learning Development Centre, is the first-ever centre to offer a curriculum-based Chinese language dyslexic service. The centre provides assessment for students by educational psychologists to identify children’s needs and difficulties at an early stage so that appropriate support and adaptation can be arranged. Training for mainstream school teachers and parents is organised to provide services for students with dyslexia.

The Centre is jointly funded by the Hongkong Bank Foundation and the Social Welfare Department Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged. Each partner has committed to providing HK$2 million over three years. Operated by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, the new Centre is a showcase of tripartite partnership represented by the Government, NGOs and the private sector.

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