SportsWorks Int'l Ngo, Inc.

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Founded in 2005, SportsWorks Int’l Ngo, Inc. is an award-winning faith-based sports and education non-profit that primarily serves children in need and at-risk youth.

The NGO’s mission is to provide sports instruction and training to children, youth and young adults – ages 5 to 25 – help them become better students in the classroom, and equip them with life skills that will enable them to become healthy and productive citizens.

The programs are designed to meet the holistic needs of children so that they are better equipped to achieve a brighter future. They seek to enrich the lives of economically disadvantaged children and youth through sports instruction in a Christian values-based setting. The sports programs provide exercise, interaction with other children, and strengthened morality, all of which are key drivers in building self-esteem and confidence.


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Less than 500,000

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Project World Impact Volunteer Match Idealist Meetup Christian Community Development Agency Netkrazt Movement United States Tennis Association

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