NGO Platform on Shipbreaking

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The NGO Platform on Shipbreaking is a coalition of environmental, human and labour rights organisations first created in September 2005 after it was realised by some of the few NGOs working on the issue that a broader base of support both geographically and in orientation was needed to challenge the political clout of the global shipping industry.
“The overall purpose of the Platform’s campaign is to prevent human rights abuses and the environmental injustice provoked when toxic wastes are freely traded without restraint in the global market place. The aim is to ensure safe and environmentally sound dismantling of end-of-life vessels world-wide and reverse the current trend where these ships are a significant stream of illegal toxic waste export from developed to developing countries causing major impacts on human health in impoverished communities.

Their campaign seeks to ensure that the new convention on ship recycling being developed at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) takes into account the principles of the UN Basel Convention on Transboundary Movements on Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal as well as all relevant International Labour Organisation (ILO) guidelines on shipbreaking.


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