Small Croatian enterprise becomes organic food production champion

“Eco Farm Mavrović” Ltd. is a small enterprise settled in one of most war affected areas in Croatia that started with a clear vision to change public perception of health through organic food production and consumption. Eco Farm Mavrović is an organic grain and animal farm.

It is a crucial part of an integrated business model that includes two complementary but independent entities: Eco Centre Mavrović – a research and educational centre- and Eco Mavrović – a marketing, distribution and sales firm.

Eco Farm Mavrović managed to build a sustainable business model around organic food production, distribution, marketing and sales. By contributing to the local economy, Eco Farm Mavrović provides the local people with economic security and wages higher than the national average for agriculture. Through different channels, they also offer local farmers and employees targeted knowledge and capacity building in all phases of organic food production free of charge. Eco Farm Mavrović is also a model of social inclusion that provides mental and social rehabilitation to ex-addicts.

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