Nomadic Assistance for Peace and Development

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NAPAD began as a community-based organization and has evolved into a local NGO operating in North Eastern Kenya, South Central Somalia, and the Somali and Oromia regions of Ethiopia. In the United States, we are registered as NAPAD-USA. NAPAD is dedicated to promoting sustainable peace and human development in the Horn of Africa. Our main areas of focus are promoting social justice, economic resilience for women and youth, and climate change adaptation.

We have a 15-year track record of responding to humanitarian crises and delivering effective and sustainable projects in the Horn of Africa. Our specialty lies in supporting displaced, rural, and marginalized communities to adapt to climate change and contribute to their social and economic development. Our efforts in providing clean water and ensuring food security have been crucial in protecting smallholder agricultural and pastoralist livelihoods. By reducing the need for climate change-affected households to search for water and food, we help prevent human displacement, which exposes displaced households to insecurity, SGBV, child labor, early marriages, and gender-based violence.

One notable achievement of NAPAD is the implementation of solar-powered water pumping and supply infrastructure in numerous communities in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. This initiative has brought clean water for domestic use to villages and provided water for agricultural purposes to smallholder farmers. The availability of clean water nearby has reduced the burden on women and girls, enabling them to engage in other productive activities and ensuring improved access to education. Furthermore, the support provided to smallholder farmers through solar-powered irrigation infrastructure has promoted climate-resilient agricultural practices. This allows farmers to establish farms in flood-free zones, increase farm yields, provide food for livestock, and engage in value addition for long-term use and income generation.

NAPAD implements other projects, including providing inclusive education in emergencies to ensure that crisis-displaced and marginalized children have access to safe and quality education. We also promote gender equality and economic empowerment of women and youth by supporting livelihood diversification for at-risk individuals and survivors of gender-based violence. This not only boosts their confidence and equips them with life skills but also offers economic opportunities that ensure the well-being of their households. Additionally, we play a crucial role in promoting community-led peace and non-violent reconciliation among communities affected by resource conflicts, especially in the face of increased drought conditions impacting water and food resources.


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NAPAD is a member of the United Nations- OCHA Food Security, WASH, Education, and Protection Clusters, as well as working groups in Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. Additionally, NAPAD is a member of the Somalia NGO consortia, the Mandera County Steering Group, and the ASAL Humanitarian Network. We are also members of the Cash Working Group in Kenya and Somalia.

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