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My foundation is helping orphans and refugees and widows in Thailand and Myanmar side started since 2002 and now I have 13 orphan homes and 4 refugee Learning Center in Thailand and Myanmar border. I know that the hill tribe orphan kid really need help for physical, spiritual and Education. If I am not care for them their lives no hope and so sad for their future life. I am so glad to see these orphans and refugees children have school to go, home to live and their lives never be the same. Made me so proud of them.


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Only my friends from Canada setting non profit Organization called Hope Thailand Canada and helping salary for Migrant school for 4 teachers. And one church in USA support 12 migrant girls in Mae Sot. And also 2 friends supporting Migrant school teacher's salary at Morning Glory school and the rest me and my husband trying to support 2 another Migrant schools and two orphan Homes for refugee children. And for the education curriculums is we depending Burmese Migrant Worker Education Center. We used Burmese language, Karen and Thai. We really need to do self sufficient programs for helping the migrant children support themselves in the future by agriculture. We are praying for the need to start with land purchase. For all of the hopeless children's future.

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