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ActionAid India is part of a global federation and a full affiliate of ActionAid International that has presence in over 40 countries worldwide. Since 1972, the poor and the excluded have been at the centre of our discourse and actions in India. In 2006, we got registered as an Indian organisation called ActionAid Association. We are governed by an independent General Assembly and a Governing Board.
Our Vision
A world without poverty, patriarchy and injustice in which every person enjoys the right to life with dignity.
Our Mission
To work in solidarity with the poor and excluded and participate in their struggle to eradicate poverty, patriarchy and injustice.
Overall Goal
A just social order brought about by the dispossessed claiming their right to dignity and identity through enhanced democratic participation and structural transformation.
Our Values
We reiterate our values and stress on ‘praxis’ in our work, in our effort to deepen our commitment to transform our organisational culture.Solidarity, camaraderie and sisterhood with the poor, the powerless and excluded women, girls, boys and men will be at the core of our struggle against poverty and injustice.‘Personal is political’: without contradiction in the practice in private and public sphere.Courage of conviction, requiring us to be creative and progressive, bold and innovative – without fear of failure.Equality, justice and diversity, requiring us to work to ensure equal opportunity to every person, irrespective of caste, class, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, colour, class, ethnicity, disability, location, and religion.Humility and modesty in our conduct and behaviour.Transparency and accountability.Independence and neutrality from any religious or party-political affiliation.


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