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News Articles on Global Hand

Job Creation - June, 2003


Unemployment figures have reached tragic levels - in their 70's, 80's and 90's - in some of the world's worst hit economies. In response, many humanitarian groups are moving towards projects that create jobs. Global Hand has put together a listing of organisations involved in microenterprise...

Iraq Update - July, 2003


A digest of the information available on Iraq in Global Hand's REACT section.

Travel Guide - August, 2003


Having trouble flying to Botswana? Want to know the dialling code for Peru? Or looking for a visa for Uzbekistan? We can help!

European Organisations - September, 2003


Are you based in Europe? Working in Europe? Needing European contacts?

Conferences - September, 2003


Interested in attending humanitarian conferences? Want to network with like-minded groups? Or hosting an event that you want to publicise?

Humanitarian Customs Information - November, 2003


Global Hand's customs guide for humanitarian aid, listing over 130 countries, with the balance under research.

Global Hand Version 1.9 - December, 2003


As we enter the New Year, Global Hand invites you to visit version 1.9 of its site, the penultimate version of our current series.

Improved Funding Offering - January, 2004


Funding continues to remain the big issue for many of us as we look to the year ahead. So Global Hand has continued research, digging out further names of organisations that specialise in funding activities in the humanitarian arena.

Customs - Afghanistan, Cuba & Iran - February, 2004


Global Hand has sought to help ease logistics challenges by providing information from countries about their customs requirements. For several reasons, the process of gathering this information is difficult...

Mines Awareness Trust - April, 2004


The killer that keeps on killing...