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Decades of instability: The struggle in Guinea Bissau


An attempted coup was not on the plan when UK aid workers drove their humanitarian cargo half way around the world to help one of the planet’s poorest nations.

Uprooted and forgotten: The atrocities nobody cared about


For twenty years the world stood by with little interest as civil war wrought wanton destruction on Uganda. Why, then, would anyone care now that peace has finally been negotiated?

Jeffrey Sachs Shares on a Panel for the New UN and Business Website During the World Economic Forum


A special panel focused on business & United Nations partnerships was held during the 2010 World Economic Forum.

Raising the Bar: Media Social Responsibility


This article, originally published two years ago, has now been adapted to include more recent research.

New version of Global Hand - January, 2010


Following the launch of the new United Nations site (, built by Global Hand, we have re-launched our own website at the end of January, 2010. This happens to fall in the immediate wake of the tragedy in Haiti which is necessitating rapid global response, given the breadth of...

New Partnership with the United Nations - January, 2010


(14 January 2010) Today sees the launch of a new website which Global Hand has built for the United Nations:

Partnering in today’s world: a new website for Global Hand


The world is not as it was when Global Hand began. Times have changed and we are changing with them. Global Hand came into being as a ‘matching’ website: connecting for-profits and non-profits to respond to world need.

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An ounce of prevention: The case for Disaster Risk Management - Oct 2008


One dollar spent in disaster prevention, the experts tell us, is worth four dollars spent in disaster response. Business companies have to find the math compelling...

Update from Sichuan, China - July, 2008


More than a month after the quake that struck Sichuan province, there is much that Global Hand members can do to help. Currently, there are a reported five million homeless, almost 70,000 dead, and thousands more missing.