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Information and communications technologies

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Global Hand Principles


Global Hand, and its parent NGO, Crossroads Foundation, aims to ensure that aid given is good aid. You can find a range of standards, specific to sectors of the disaster and development spectrum, in our Standards, Guidelines and Toolkits section. A high level summary of Global Hand's standards...



Global Hand Standards introductory page You can also view this page in German. Diese Seite ist auch auf Deutsch verf├╝gbar.

Technology Donation Guidelines


These guidelines refer to an American community school, but may be useful to donors who wish to donate technological hardware to NGOs or similar organisations.

Real Access Criteria


Real Access Criteria are used to frame the analysis of all issues surrounding ICT access and use, including the aspects that are often overlooked. They are designed to anticipate or detect the reasons that ICT development initiatives, government e-strategies, or grassroots projects fail to achieve...

Food Sustainability: a Guide to the Private Sector


A practical and illustrative guide for businesses that presents sets of inspirational examples of how companies can contribute to sustainable food production and supply. Examples cover various sectors and show actions of small companies as well as multinational corporations from around the world. ...

Joining Forces for Change: Demonstrating Innovation and Impact through UN-Business Partnerships


Joining Forces for Change: Demonstrating Innovation and Impact through UN-Business Partnerships, a publication by the UN Global Compact Office, presents a case for partnering with the UN in addition to listing case studies of successful UN-business partnerships. The partnerships presented in the...

India 2001 Earthquake Case Study


India 2001 Earthquake Case Study, by the IBM Crisis Response Team, provides advice and lists some basic guidelines for those working in the disaster areas.

OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises


OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are recommendations addressed by governments to multinational enterprises operating in or from adhering countries. They provide voluntary principles and standards for responsible business conduct in a variety of areas including employment and industrial...

Twelve Habits of Highly Effective ICT-Enabled Development Initiatives


Twelve Habits of Highly Effective ICT-Enabled Development Initiatives are a set of best practice guidelines for project management, which aim to ensure the internal health of initiatives harnessing ICT for development. Like the Real Access criteria, the 12 Habits can be used proscriptively for...