HSBC and Bandhan help family to purchase rickshaws

Shukla’s husband was a rickshaw puller. He rented a rickshaw for 25 to 30 rupees per day and earned around 2,200 rupees per month. After learning about microfinance loans provided by Bandhan, a microfinance institution, Shukla approached them for a loan of 5,000 rupees which she received.

Through the loan, she was able to buy a second hand rickshaw and, as a result, decrease their out goings. Within a short span of time, their income significantly increased. After repaying the first loan on time, Shukla received a second loan of 6,000 rupees through which she bought another rickshaw, this time to rent. Subsequent loans enabled her to buy more rickshaws – she owns five in total. Shuckla and her husband are earning nearly 8,000 rupees per month. With her newfound business acumen, Shukla is considering opening a Sari business and hopes that with Bandhan’s support she will be able to turn this dream into reality. Through HSBC funds, Bandhan is able to provide loans to customers like Shukla. As customers are responsible for paying back their loans, they are empowered to take control of their financial situation and, in turn, their lives. Because these loans are not simply hand-outs, the customer gains financial skills and the confidence to sustain their new livelihoods for the long term.

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