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The Lake Clinic is a project dedicated to bringing basic healthcare, as well as disease surveillance and proper medical referrals to a severely isolated and underserved region of Cambodia – the Tonle Sap.

The primary focus of TLC is to provide these isolated villagers with competent and consistent health care comparable to what can be found in a well managed health center. The Lake Clinic seeks to mitigate the detrimental impact of preventable illnesses through early diagnosis of disease; treatment on an out-patient basis; referral to a hospital (and assistance in transportation to the hospital) when necessary as well as health education.

This was first accomplished through the construction of the TLC-1 (or the “Charming Duckling” as she was sometimes known). Charming Duckling was first launched in 2008 and allowed a basic healthcare team of one doctor, a pediatric nurse, and a midwife to travel to these remote areas and remain there for 3 days each week. With its success, five floating clinics were constructed and launched in 2012. Four were placed strategically on the lake, and the fifth was towed to the Stung Sen River. In 2013 the TLC-4 was launched, a twin-engine catamaran that provides speedier access to the floating villages and can easily provide ambulance service.

Since its humble beginnings in 2008 TLC has grown and now employs three doctors, three midwives, two registrars, two cooks and have expanded its reach across the lake to the Stung Sen River. Thus two clinical teams are operational. When appropriate ex-pat professionals also join the team; doctors, dentists and physical therapists have successfully completed missions with TLC. TLC also maintains other smaller boats that allow access to villages that would otherwise be completely cut off during the dry season.


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