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Disability issues

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verified non-profit organisations

Funding required for Girl Power Project in Uganda


Care for African Kids (CFAK) is a Ugandan NGO that takes care of 165 children at its orphanage centre in Wakiso, and provides support towards the childrens' shelter, education, medication, clothing, and food while also attemping to prevent child abuse and violence and the spread of HIV/AIDS, and...

Rebuilding ar training centre for young people with physical disabilities in Albania,


For the last fifteen years, we have been helping young people with a physical disability in Albania. We had our own centre where many lives were touched and changed. We helped them overcome their fear of mixing with other people, and helped them integrate into society, training them in daily life...

Hand and Electrical Tools required for vocational training project in Zambia.


The Ibenga Area Gender Association is a Zambian NGO that works with young people, orphans and vulnerable children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and people living with HIV/AIDS. The Association aims to provide basic skills for self-reliance. Despite our work, we still have to face...

Help people with disabilities to set up their own businesses in Kasese, Uganda


We are trying to help rural people with disabilities in our community. Most of these people are orphans as well as being disabled. They are able to operate simple businesses but they lack capital to assist them to start a business. Our project is " a savings and credit scheme for people with...

Information & Education Campaign for People with Albinism (PWA), Liberia


The target group for this project is Person(s) With Albinism (PWA) in Liberia, one of the most marginalized groups in the country. The plight of Albinos needs highlighting so that concrete and systematic action can be taken to improve their lives. In Liberia, PWAs are ignored, neglected and abused...

Support community development program in Uganda


The number of orphans are escalating in Africa due to poverty and social upheaval that impact the communities. Our team remain committed to help people to restore lives and hopes. We help poor adults, youths and children affected by disabilities and illness. Our work focus on care, compassion,...

Request for UK registered charity partnership


We are looking for help from a UK registered charity. We wish to ask for help to apply to the charities who expressed interest to assist us but gave as a condition that we must first partner with a UK registered charity who can make the request on our behalf, as they only give support to UK based...

Women’s health and education for children in Niger


We are trying to help children who did not have opportunity to go to school, especially the Muslim children who have not been part of the formal education system. If these children do not get education, they will remain poor for the rest of their lives. Our organisation also works for improving...

Funding to Maintain Special Needs Camp for Children, US


Two issues we are trying to address, 1.) Children living with spina bifida don’t have the same opportunities to do physical activities in life that other children get to experience because of their special needs. They are required to use mechanical devises to move from one place to another and...

Community development to help the most needy in Uganda


We initially started with a goal of addressing the marginalization of persons with disabilities but we later realized the need to expand our service provision to: - Orphans - Children under difficult circumstances - The youth - Poor men and women We have a number of projects through which...