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Disability issues

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Project for the Inclusive Emergency Relief of Persons with Disabilities in the Jhang District, Pakistan


The Society for Disabled Women (SDW) is an NGO that is focused on helping people with disabilities (PWD) and their families. SDW has helped to mobilise people with disabilities through awareness, rehabilitation and distribution of hygiene kits and physiotherapy trainings over the past 3 years since...

Skills Training for the Hard of Hearing Youths in the Bundibugyo District, Uganda


Uganda National Association of Hard of Hearing (UNAHOH) is a community based institution which carries out its activities of offering training services to disabled people, mostly to the hard of hearing people by offering services like: business skill training, skills in tailoring and designing,...

Housing/Accomodation for the Underprivileged in Mabonji, Cameroon


The Peter Ambe Memorial Helping Hand Association (PAMHHA) is an NGO based in Sweden, with another office in Cameroon, is dedicated to helping those who are less privileged in Cameroon. PAMHHA offer assistance to individuals or groups of people who for one reason or another find it practically...

Help children with learning and communication difficulties in Ethiopia


In Ethiopia, East Africa, a considerable number of children struggle with learning and communication difficulties due to lack of support. Most of the children (and adults) with learning difficulties do not even know what the cause of their problem is and even their teachers and parents don’t know...

Lighten a Life projects in India


As the name suggest, we believe in keeping our efforts simple yet effective. Helping people in need is indeed a kind gesture. A heart filled with love for the suffering is what it takes; and here, we are dedicated to aid people who are struggling with life-threatening, debilitating or chronic...

Help disabled adolescent girls in Pakistan to improve their ability to study


The Society for Disabled Women has conducted a research study on adolescent girls who go to school. These girls between 10-19 come from poor and disadvantaged families and are studying in government and private schools in poor and marginalized communities. The report shows that the drop out rate is...

Help Nigerian children with special needs


In Nigeria, it is traditionally believed that a child born with abnormal development is from the spirit world or a snake incarnate and will bring a curse on the family. In some communities, children with disabilities such as down-syndrome, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, and deformities are...

Support social theatre in Slovakia


We run a social theater, Hopi (Hope). This initiative brings together several groups of people divided by barriers of misunderstanding and enables them to communicate on the stage. We work with mentally handicapped people, refugees, homeless people and professional actors and directors. We work in...

Set up a Braille transcription centre in India


Our organisation helps visually impaired people become self reliant. One of the things we want to do is to help as many blind students as possible to continue their studies and eventually find employment. To this end, we want to substitute our current Brailler with a Braille embosser, a piece...

Help to provide services for elderly deaf people in Cambodia


The project focuses on the elderly people with disabling deafness. There is a desperate paucity of specialist ear healthcare throughout Cambodia. AEC is the only NGO in Cambodia providing these vital services. For elderly people, deafness is a particular problem. Most people over sixty are...