Jonas Foundation promotes social inclusion of children with disabilities in Armenia

The Jonas Foundation, a Swiss charity that supports people with disabilities and other marginalised groups, has established a partnership with the Human Dignity and Peace Foundation (HDP), an Armenian NGO involved with work for children with disabilities.

A new project of the Jonas Foundation is the “Integration of Disabled through Art” program in Armenia. It is an invaluable opportunity to further the goals and objectives towards integration and social inclusion of children and youth with disabilities. The project is a partnership with the HDP Foundation (Human Dignity and Peace), an NGO which has been active in Armenia for over five years, primarily in the humanitarian, agriculture and educational spheres.

The Jonas Foundation aims to help young people find new hope and perspective in life through music, dance and drama. Its main objective is to fight social exclusion and violence, promoting tolerance and cross-cultural dialogue through the arts. HDP, through the Jonas Foundation program will identify talented children with disabilities and include them in different existing art and music classes; arrange exhibitions and provide opportunities to interact with their peers through meaningful art activities.

The foundation runs projects “Music and Art for Integration” in London, Paris and Berlin. It also supports programmes at rehabilitation centres in Surrey, England, and in Tbilisi, Georgia, as well as workshops at centres for disabled children in Armenia. Jonas Foundation too cherishes and supports children that are marginalized – this shared concern and vision for disabled children led to the partnership between HDP and Jonas Foundation.

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