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Charitable Fund Sincere Heat was established in 2014 in Lviv, Ukraine. The organization was formed by a team of public activists, psychologists, psychotherapists, and researchers, who, from the early days of the Russian invasion, have been implementing comprehensive projects aimed at helping Ukrainians cope with the consequences of the war.

Mission : to restore the mental and physical health of Ukrainians affected by the war.

Currently, 4 projects have been implemented :

EQ app – The first mobile application designed to develop emotional intelligence. This app has received a global patent and has already helped over 100,000 users worldwide. – An online platform where you can receive free consultations with psychologists.

Heroes – Aimed at the physical and psychological rehabilitation of veterans.

“Recovery Camp” project was launched in 2022 and has helped over 10,000 children and mothers from affected communities in Ukraine regain a sense of fulfilment in life. The camps are completely free for participants and take place in the best recreational complexes near Lviv.

Charitable Fund Sincere Heat has already organized more than 130 camps. They are looking for partners who would be willing to contribute to the project and to provide those affected by the war with an opportunity to recover their mental health and start building a better future for themselves.


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ChildFund (Germany) UCAP (USA) Nova Ukraine (USA) SOS Children's Villages (Austria) UNICEF (USA)

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