The Giving Exchange

Unverified non-profit organisation

As a 501©3 non-profit organization, the organization’s mission is to connect need with supply for good with an emphasis on self-sustainability.
The team has been working in Kenya and other countries since 2013, developing sustainable programs for various schools, orphanages, and rescue centers. Success stories include chicken coops, wells, goat farms, libraries, greenhouses, and more. With a team of 34 volunteers spread out across the globe, the group strives to make a difference on a daily basis for underprivileged communities to have a brighter future.


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Less than 500,000

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Project funding; Provision of services / personnel; Provision of goods

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Americas: United States Europe: France

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Agriculture, aquaculture and forestry; Arts and culture; Children, youth and all (10)

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Agriculture, aquaculture & forestry; Arts, crafts & toys; Books & all (13)

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Agriculture and livestock; Aquaculture; Arts and culture; Construction; Education all (8)