Protecting Human Right and Reinforcing Equality

Unverified non-profit organisation

Protecting Human Rights and Reinforcing Equality is a non-profit and non-governmental Human Rights Organization in Mauritius.
The organization exist since 2015 but officially registered since May 2017, Protecting Human Rights And Reinforcing Equality work for global population which regroup dynamic people as member, volunteers who have concern in social issues; such as social worker, activism, journalism, academics of diverse backgrounds.


The objects of the Association;

1. to promote and defend Human Right of global population;
2. to support people victim of inequalities, discrimination, marginalized and excluded;
3. to implement and adopt strategies, coordinate, lead, advocate for Human Right;
4. to promote social, community, volunteer and activist work by empowerment, training and education;
5. to encourage network at national, regional and international level by collaboration work among human right organization;
6. to do all such things conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

Strengths :

The organisation regroup professional people such as activist, social worker, community worker as volunteer who is fully dynamic with lot of competencies.

Having a good network on field for targeted people.

Seize :

The organisation is made of volunteers as board members or simple members only.

Capacity :

For now the organisation have no office, financial resources or human resources who work for the organisation.

Lack of financial resources


Year established


Organisation annual cash turnover (in US$ equivalent)

Less than 500,000

Participant in relevant networks

Visa G Association Mail : Association Visa G is a LGBTIQ organisation well known as main Transgender organisation. We work together on several project for the well being of LGBTIQ, gender issues and empowerment. Allures Association Allure association work specially with women and girl, we worked together on empowerment session, micro finance project and also support group.

Further information

About this organisation

Partnership types

Advocacy of global issues; Standards and guidelines development; Project funding; all (4)

Regions / countries / territories

Africa: Mauritius

Global issues

Agriculture, aquaculture and forestry; Anti-corruption, illicit drugs and all (13)

Goods categories

Agriculture, aquaculture & forestry; Apparel & fashion; Arts, crafts & all (17)