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International Development Partnerships (IDP) is a UK-registered NGO working with some of the poorest communities in rural Ethiopia, providing them with the basic services they need to help them fight poverty.

IDP aims to provide affordable health care, a clean and reliable water supply, hygienic sanitation facilities, adequate nutrition and a basic level of education. Over the next five years, the organisation plans to support communities totalling 250,000 of the country’s most vulnerable people.

The rehabilitation and re-supply of run-down health centres and schools with redundant medical, IT and office equipment from the UK continues to be IDP’s priority line of work. This will extend to include provision of seeds, tools, basic farm implements and irrigation equipment to farmers. IDP also aims to establish a water-well drilling operation to provide vital fresh water supplies and sanitation facilities to schools and communities.

IDP believes that support to local organisations, and the empowerment of local people, is crucial in bringing about effective and lasting change.


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