The Veolia Foundation helps to improve conditions in Cambodian orphanage

The Veolia Environment Foundation provides financing and advice on the best sanitation system to be installed, by the the Association Droit, Développement et Partenariats Francophones (ADDPF), in an orphanage in Cambodia.

A French NGO based in Lyon, ADDPF, is working with the local Cambodian community to improve conditions in the Kien Khleang orphanage, on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. The orphanage lacks almost everything to provide decent sanitary conditions for the 119 children that it accommodates. Without any showers, they have to wash themselves in the nearby river, exposed to the public view and in water that is often very dirty. Without a mosquito net above their beds, they also suffer from mosquito bites – with the constant risk of being bitten by an insect that carries dengue fever, a mortal disease.

In addition to working to improve the educational facilities at the orphanage, the NGO intends to improve the water and sanitation system. It plans to build a shower building equipped with a sanitation and water storage system, making sure to build one sanitary block for the girls and another for the boys. The building has been funded by Veolia Environment Foundation, which will also be giving advice on the appropriate sanitation and water systems.

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