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Water and related ecosystems

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Help needed to drill wells the Tanga and Manyara regions in Tanzania.


Various regions in Tanzania are facing an acute water shortage. Our organisation is requesting help to drill simple wells among the Maasai Tribes in the Tanga and Manyara Regions. The water is reachable at a depth of 10 meters but not safe as it is shared with cattle, and the water is...

Construction of a water tank in Kumtem Village, Cameroon


The Kumtem Village water system, constructed mainly by villagers, who supplied the labour by digging the trenches for the pipes manually, is rapidly falling into a derelict state. This situation is compounded by the problem of indiscriminate planting of eucalyptus trees around the catchment area....

Funding required for Girl Power Project in Uganda


Care for African Kids (CFAK) is a Ugandan NGO that takes care of 165 children at its orphanage centre in Wakiso, and provides support towards the childrens' shelter, education, medication, clothing, and food while also attemping to prevent child abuse and violence and the spread of HIV/AIDS, and...

Help to build a community school and hospital in Uganda


Goshen Community Ministries is a Christian NGO trying to educate orphans and others who cannot afford to pay school fees. It also tries to teach parents (especially mothers) who are illiterate to read and write, knowing that if you teach a mother you have taught the community. We are trying to...

Support needed for post-recovery assistance in the Gedo region of Southern Somalia


Gedo Integrated Livelihoods Support Project aims to support a more effective move from emergency-relief dependency to resilience and rehabilitation of communities affected by drought-, flood- and conflict. These communities include pastoral, agro- pastoral, urban poor and internally displaced...

Support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Homabay County,Kenya


It is estimated that the number of AIDS orphans in Kenya is 2.4 million. The OVC/HCBC Project intends to support 1500 of these children. OVC constitute the most vulnerable members of the society because they lack basic needs such as food, health care,shelter and education. In addition they...

Assist Livelihood Development and Food Security, Kenya


The project will benefit 30,000 families in the Marsabit, Kenya. The majority of the people are from pastoral communities and they live in a fragile ecosystem. In the face of global climate change, pastoralism is no longer a viable economic activity hence the desire to diversify. Pastoral...

Support community development program in Uganda


The number of orphans are escalating in Africa due to poverty and social upheaval that impact the communities. Our team remain committed to help people to restore lives and hopes. We help poor adults, youths and children affected by disabilities and illness. Our work focus on care, compassion,...

Women’s health and education for children in Niger


We are trying to help children who did not have opportunity to go to school, especially the Muslim children who have not been part of the formal education system. If these children do not get education, they will remain poor for the rest of their lives. Our organisation also works for improving...

Improving and diversifying water supply, Kenya


We are trying to facilitate provision of water to the schools in the area. The project is also directed at HIV/AIDS victims, and low income peasants/fishermen around Lake Victoria in Kenya. These communities rely on water from the river for their daily use, scanty piped waters or they have to...