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Water and related ecosystems

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Water project for arid farm lands in Kenya


We are trying to help the very poor in an arid lands rural community setting where a large majority are peasant farmers who totally depend on rain fed mode of farming. The climatic conditions in the target area has been progressively deteriorating with the rain becoming more erratic, less in...

Ambulance and Emergency Medical Supplies needed in Myanmar (Karen State)


This project is about assisting the ethnic Karen people of Myanmar (Myawaddy) to develop a Emergency medical service of which presently there is none. The Karen people are 7% of the Burmese Population but have been persecuted by the Burmese Junta for decades. The KNLA (Karen Army) often engage...

Drilling of boreholes in disadvantaged regions of Kenya


Kasuki Group Project is a National Category CBO(Community Based Organization) registered in June 2006. Before it was registered as a CBO, the group has been engaged in voluntary community work since 2005. Kasuki Group Project works with existing community based development groups, Government of...

Financial support for water project in Ethiopia


Shalom Integrated Community Development Organization (SICDO) has a vision to address community problems of this rural area society by developing drinking spring water, constructing a primary school, and enhancing the health of the population by reducing diseases transmitted by contaminated water. ...

Disaster Relief Fund for flooding in Pakistan 2012


At this time our main issue is to help the population who are affected by the flood in Pakistan. A lot of families have been left homeless and are still living under the open sky during the rainy season. There are fears that flood survivors with little food or clean water is falling prey to...

Education center for orphanage in Andhra Pradesh, India


Faith Banjara Orphan Home is a Christian Indian NGO established in 2006 that works among rural and tribal areas on community development and awareness raising by sponsoring health programs, and safe water and sanitation projects. The organization helps orphans by providing food; shelter; education...

Safe drinking water for orphanage in Uthukottai, North Tamil Nadu


The main objective is to solve water crisis that hinders the daily activities of the children in our three homes for HIV-positive children and differently-abled children. ATSWA runs these homes in Uthukottai. A total of 243 children are accommodated in three homes. 122 girls, 74 boys and 47...

Microfinance, water, and skill development in rural East Africa


Technological Empowerment for Africa (TEFA), started in 2009, is a non-profit organization in East Africa started as a Christian compassion social enterprise. TEFA is working to make a sustainable difference in the lives of the poorest people to overcome the barrier of marginalization by providing...

Access to Clean Water & Sanitation in Cambodia and Kenya


The world is a place of great need. Sadly, most of the heartache and pain is unseen by us and therefore never properly addressed. The Entrust Foundation helps the poorest of the poor, forgotten people on this planet. With over 30 years of experience, we have identified 4 major Causes, which if...

Water supply for pastoral communities in Kenya


Pastoral Communities Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies is a local NGO registered in Kenya committed to creating a peaceful environment where farmers can live together, nomads can graze together and merchants trade together without the fear of losing their livelihood. We do this through...