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People Empowering People(PEP) is an indigenous Non Governmental Organisation(NGO) Not-for-Profit operating in Arua District, the sub-counties of Rigbo, Rhinocamp, Ogoko and Pawor. These subcounties are in Lower Madi Constituency with higher poverty indices in the District. Yet the biggest natural resources are from this area.

The disproportional low economic performance are the reasons for PEP to engage in empowering communities in areas of education, livelihood, environment, health and human rights and governance issues.

Currently, PEP focus on moving the fishermen living near the Nile from fish catching only to fish farming by forming them producer cooperatives and bigger marketing cooperative at sub county levels. This has received overwhelming support from the community. The change addresses the community’s real need since lives have become difficult with fishing as fish population has depleted over time. PEP provides technical competencies while they leverage on their mobilization and support from the local government to help the community advance . The biggest challenge is lacking funding for the NGO and for the groups already established to begin cage fish farming in the lagoon created by River Nile. Fund support is very appreciated.

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Deniva Eniva Macis Hurinet

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