Centre des Jeunes Mgr Marcel Utembi - TAPA (CDJ)

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The Centre Des Jeunes Mgr Marcel Utembi – Tapa (CDJ) was found in 2008, in the Diocese of Mahagi-Nioka. It is a Church led non-profit organization located in the province of Ituri, territory of Mahagi, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Mahagi, borders the North-West Ugandan districts of Nebbi, Pahida and Zombo.
As an institute, CDJ is one whose foundation came from the realisation that youth ministry, particularly in Africa, is indispensable to developing the human person wholesomely that is, intellectually, physically, economically, spiritually and morally. Consequently, it has structures and programs that aim at poverty eradication and youth formation and empowerment.
CDJ also has behavioural change programs, with a special focus on intercultural and interreligious dialogue to facilitate integral human development and religious pluralism. In this, the use of basketball court for games, multipurpose hall for sessions and music are vital in empowering the youth and helping the ethnic violence victims to heal from trauma. Similarly, given that there is insecurity, the problems of child-solider, prostitution, drug addictions and child sexual abused are inevitable in Ituri province. Thus, CDJ has constantly played a vital role in the campaign against such dehumanising aspects, through peace and justice sessions and charity walks. Moreover, CDJ uses vocational training as the best avenue to help these youths have employment so they can reduce the rate of insecurity.
Therefore, the centre’s mission is to provide basic vocational skills in computer and tailoring, to the unprivileged youth, victims of war and ethnic violence, with an aim to help youth formation, healing from trauma and empowerment.



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