Lucinda's Beautiful Heritage Charity Foundation

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«LBH Charity Foundation» is an independent, not for profit making, non-political, charitable associative organization and foundation, created in 2020 to help improve the quality of life for victims of societal ills such as rape, sexual harassment, sexism, domestic abuse, basic human right violation in disadvantaged Sierra Leonean communities
We are also championing campaigns of sensitization on the respect of basic human right that will lead to social acceptance, social equalities and justice for children and youth like the sexually abused, prostitutes, orphans, battered women, people with disabilities, the mentally sick, and the dropouts who are societal rejects of the communities.

«LBH Charity Foundation» has a medical, moral and fraternal mission to become a movement of solidarity to engage vulnerable impoverished communities to embrace and accept the practice of sustainable development on gender-responsiveness to gender imbalance and child protection that will minimize and eventually eradicated such horrible acts as sexual abuse/rape, domestic abuse and female genital mutilations.

Through our agro-conscious “eat what you grow” campaigns country wide especially in the Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom and the Blama Small Bo Chiefdom, we are also encouraging communities to be more eco-friendly that will help improve their quality of life.

Our core subject areas include: Child Protection and Social Justice, Education, Gender Equality, Equity and Economic Empowerment, Youth & Community Empowerment, Healthcare, Food Security / Agriculture, Endangered Species / Biodiversity and Tourism

Mission: «LBH Charity Foundation» has a medical, moral and fraternal mission to become a movement of solidarity

Aims & Objectives: «LBH Charity Foundation » through our diverse community programs and projects that are creating avenues for concerned populace to learn about Child Protection and Social Justice, the benefits of Education of children of both sexes, the need for Male engagement for Gender Equality, Equity and Economic Empowerment, the urgency of Youth & Community Empowerment, the right to proper Healthcare, importance of Food Security / Agriculture, the respect of Endangered Species / Biodiversity and profits of Tourism.

«LBH Charity Foundation» is leading in the fight against the ills of our society in regards to sexual and domestic abuses, sicknesses, illiteracy, poverty, hunger and global warming by serving as an antidote to despair in disadvantaged and underprivileged communities irrespective of their religious, political, personal and social beliefs and/or backgrounds.

Localities/Regions within S/L: Western, Northern, Eastern and Southern Regions of Sierra Leone

Mission Statement: Fraternal solidarity as antidote to despair through solace, love and hope!

Moto: Solace. Love. Hope.

Main Target beneficiaries of «LBH Charity Foundation» activities and projects: every aspect of social protection of women, children and youths: rape victims, sexual abuse cases, domestic abuse victims, FMGs, the sick, the people with disabilities, the mentally sick, farmers & petty traders

Target groups: Children and Youth; Communities Leaders / Men & Women in the vulnerable and the Underprivileged Slum Communities and of diverse Culture and Cultural Heritages;

Partner(s) in country: Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Gender and Children’s Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency, the Sierra Leone Standard Bureau and the Ministry of Environment


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