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verified non-profit organisations

Support educational project in Zambia


Mannix Academy is an educational institute providing education to the communities of Kafue district of Zambia, Central Africa. The project is of addressing the campaign of stopping early marriages, gender based violence, and climate change through education in Zambia. The project is also...

Completing the construction of a TB ward in Uganda


Those affected with HIV/AIDS and other related cases especially TB. We are trying to provide additional space help in the treatment and control of TB and those suffering from HIV/AIDS related ailments among the population of Iganga. We are supporting government efforts and also respond to ones of...

Donate bed nets to fight malaria in Nigeria


Every 30 seconds, a child dies of malaria. Lives are not the only cost of this deadly disease. Workers cannot work, children cannot attend school and money is sunk into healthcare for both prevention and treatment. We want to help the residents of ILE-IFE a city in Osun State especially children...

Basic needs for vulnerable people in Gabon


ONG Action for Africa is a NGO based in Libreville, Gabon, working to strengthen health, education and training, feminine conditions, aged and vulnerable people (mentally handicapped and street children), victims of HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis and leprosy. We empower women by creating...

Meeting the surgical needs of children refugees in East Africa


BethanyKids is a medical NGO helping refugee children in East Africa who are displaced from their countries of Somalia, Sudan, and other parts of East Africa due to drought and/or conflict. Many of them end up with their families in very large UNHCR Refugee Camps such as Dadaab and Kakuma, both in...

Mercy Ships seeks for partners to support the Africa Mercy, the world's largest non-governmental hospital ship


Every day, over 20,000 African children die from diseases linked to poverty, malnutrition and correctable birth defects, such as cleft palates and lips (UNICEF – 2004). Most of these deaths are preventable. Those who survive often become outcasts, rejected by their family and society, denied even...

Multi-sectoral response to the influx of displaced people among rural communities in Ethiopia Verified non-profit organisation


Recently, Ethiopia has experienced severe climatic and political upheaval, triggering untold suffering among its people. Armed conflicts have triggered involuntary migration in many areas and an estimated 300,000 to 350,000 people remain internally displaced. Approximately 70,000 people are...

Hospital equipment for Serbia and Kosovo Verified non-profit organisation


Following the wars in Croatia/Kosovo/Serbia, the medical facilities/services in Serbia and Kosova/o are very serious, especially in Central Southern Serbian. Thousands of IDP's and refugees from the war torn regions have put an immense pressure on the social services. The project is an...

Village based project in Kenya in need of financial assistance


The targeted beneficiaries for this project are orphans, vulnerable children, widows, youth, and people with disabilities. Issues to be addressed in the project range from the HIV/AIDS awareness, primary school support, and economic empowerment. Please learn more in the “project profile” attached....