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Mutonguni Ecosystem Environmental Management Alliance seeking support, Kenya.


Being a community based organization - having the technical know-how on the real problems facing the marginalized grassroots communities, we strongly emphasis that there is need for active involvement of communities to make significant process in poverty reduction. It is possible through...

Help needed in the construction of a water point, Cameroon


Nlong is situated in Lobo Sub- division, Lekie Division, Center Region, some 40 km from Yaounde, the capital city of Cameroon. It is a rural area of about 3,000 inhabitants. Populations of the rural area of NLONG in Cameroon are poor peasants who live from agriculture. People drink water from...

Give hope to children of HIV victims in India


5.2 millions of India’s population are affected by HIV/AIDS, orphaning many children. Their relatives and local communities are to a wide degree not taking care of them, fearing to contract HIV/AIDS. Being socially rejected by the community, their own kith and kin – the children are often left to...

Family health center and education for people living in the slum areas, Pakistan


Faisalabad is an industrial and textile city of Pakistan. People of the area especially women are deprived part of the society. The women realized that their unity would change their marginalized life and after a few community meetings it was decided to form an organization which can assist to...

Shipping help of donated medical supplies from USA to the Philippines


We are trying to help poor, marginalized, rural communities situated in northern Luzon, Philippines. The issue we are trying to address is the lack of access to healthcare and provision of direct relief in times of calamity. Our project is to engage in medical missions and provide direct relief in...

Cleaner environment and HIV/AIDS awareness in Kenya


We focus at helping the youth but we also reach out to our entire community. Our core is environmental management and fighting HIV/AIDS. We target the poor people in the community. This project will help the community by providing a safe neighborhood for healthy living. It will also improve the...

Humanitarian foundation in need of funding, Nigeria


Salau Adesida Foundation is a registered Nigerian NGO that provides basic and essential needs for the destitute, orphans, widows, inmates, disabled, beggars, elderly, HIV/AIDS victims, and students with hardship in their academics. Our aim is to keep expanding our projects in order to help more...

Support Reproductive Health in Gambia


The objective of the project is to provide services to the youths, and people living with HIV/AIDS as these groups are faced with: a - Increase in sexual transmitted infections including HIV/AIDS. b - Premarital and unprotected sexual relations resulting in unwanted teenage pregnancies and...

Support educational project in Zambia


Mannix Academy is an educational institute providing education to the communities of Kafue district of Zambia, Central Africa. The project is of addressing the campaign of stopping early marriages, gender based violence, and climate change through education in Zambia. The project is also...

Completing the construction of a TB ward in Uganda


Those affected with HIV/AIDS and other related cases especially TB. We are trying to provide additional space help in the treatment and control of TB and those suffering from HIV/AIDS related ailments among the population of Iganga. We are supporting government efforts and also respond to ones of...