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Information and communications technologies

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Worldwide embassy information


These websites provide information about embassies and consulates in different countries around the world.

LexisNexis Human Trafficking Awareness Index


The Human Trafficking Awareness Index uses the respected Nexis® service to track and analyze the volume of news articles related to human trafficking. It is hoped that the service will provide a valuable tool for campaigners looking to raise awareness of human trafficking on an ongoing basis.

Technology Donation Guidelines


These guidelines refer to an American community school, but may be useful to donors who wish to donate technological hardware to NGOs or similar organisations.

Socially Inclusive Business: Engaging the Poor through Market Initiatives in Iberoamerica


The first section of this chapter defines its object and the main research questions that guided the researchers' collective efforts.

Next%20billion is a website and blog bringing together the community of business leaders, social entrepreneurs, NGOs, policy makers and academics who want to explore the connection between development and enterprise. It is a discussion forum, networking space and knowledge base for individuals...

Publications on PPPs and Inclusive Business


Many agencies are working to build a vibrant private sector, and to partner with business for development goals. But donor coordination is only possible if agencies share a ‘world view’ on how to do this most effectively. The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) works to build that...

United Nations World Summit on the Information Society


The United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) was established by the UN General Assembly to develop a better understanding of the information revolution and its impact on the international community. Objectives of the summit, held in 2 phases during 2003 and 2005, were (1) to...

Time and


This site gives the time and date in any country or city in the world. Allows the user to view the time in every country at once.

Sierra Leone Information System (SLIS)


Sierra Leone Information System (SLIS) was established to implement a simple and robust management information system that could draw primarily on data already collected by the humanitarian community and the Government. SLIS's aim is to develop sustainable solutions which are primarily geared...

Dubai International Humanitarian & Re-Development Conference & Exhibition (DIHAD) 1-3 April 2012


DIHAD is a humanitarian aid, disaster management and re-development event that takes place in Dubai every year. DIHAD is recognised as the leading humanitarian event in the region and aims to help facilitate a greater and more efficient relationship between aid agencies, NGO's, suppliers and needy...