Kapo Seba Sangha KSS

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Kapo Seba Sangha KSS has been registered statutorily with Directorate of social welfare department and NGO Affairs Bureau People’s republic of Bangladesh as a local community-based social welfare government registered development voluntary organization.

The NGO was formed to serve the disadvantaged peoples of Bangladesh irrespective of race, caste, culture and religion to improve socio-economic status through undertaking need-based development programs based on Buddhist philosophy inner peace and non-violence.

Objective :
To improve the socioeconomic status of the poor / disadvantaged peoples of Bangldesh through undertaking various development activities and to alleviate poverty situation of the disadvantaged people.

KSS provides opportunities and assistance to the indigenous and impoverished people of Bangladesh, through education inner peace and community development programs creating friendly environment.

KSS operates on the principle that all people should have access to the basic necessities of life including practice Buddhism. strive to accomplish our goals through working democratically with the communities we serve fowling the Buddhist philosophy

Field of activities: Formal and non-formal education, water & sanitation, Women development, hygiene promotion, agriculture, beast-rearing, child development, indigenous issues, preservation and publication of Tripitaka(Dhamma books) afforestation, reforestation, technical training, human rights, capacity building training, women development, forestry, disaster relief, poverty alleviation, food production, community-based child education, environment, gender issues, income generating program, Nutrition & Health care service program, youth & adolescent skill development and Dhamma works repairing community-based Buddhist Vihara collectively with joint fund-raising inspiring to give the alms to the resident Buddhist monks and novices.

Location of the project activities: Rangamati and Khagrachari Hill Tracts



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