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Established in 1991, Good Neighbors is an international humanitarian and development non-governmental organization in General Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC).

Good Neighbors works towards sustainable development by assisting those who are most neglected and vulnerable to obtain self-reliance and, therefore, adopts a people-centered participatory and comprehensive approach as the basis for development. Accordingly, 192 community development project sites in more than 35 countries focus on empowering people through social and economic development. Good Neighbors was awarded the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) Award by International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions (AICESIS) in 2007. GNI works in cooperation with local regional, and international partners, civil society organizations (CSOs), foundations, associations and other forms of social structures to overcome poverty and sufferings.

GNI Afghanistan (GNI-A) Program: Since 2002, GNI has been actively working, mainly in the central region of Afghanistan with the poor and marginalised communities, extending support to women and children affected by war and conflict, who are deprived of their basic rights, especially the poor, through programs in several sectors, including health, education, WASH and women empowerment, in order to enhance their capacities and to achieve major improvements in the lives of people in need. Considering the challenging conditions, urgent needs on the ground and capacities among communities, GNI-A program has historically been relief oriented, and focused mainly on support to poor and vulnerable communities in the target areas.


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